Steam banner made from the key art illustration. Lots of mileage can be had out of flipping/moving/adjusting the various layers. (Oh yeah, I made the text logo thing too.)

Key art for the game. I recycled this into marketing banners, and C Prompt did this cool parallax trick using the layers in this image to create a dynamic title/menu screen effect for the game itself.

And here's a crop at full pixel resolution.

In-game portraits - cultists at the top, heroes in the middle, and various folks you can run into in the bottom row.

Illustrations of in-game locations the player might visit.

Spell icons! (That fireball is a classic which MIGHT be similar to Dredmor's fireball. But I swear, it's because that's how I always draw a fireball, and it comes up ... pretty dang often.)

These are story cards used to represent the plot challenge the player faces in an instance of the game.

I painted an enormous fantasy map for this game; had way too much fun here. (See that yellow building in the middle of the city with the big gate? Based on the real building you can see as the Monkey Island 1 town clocktower.)

Another portion of the map, inspired by some cross between the Rhine and any number of mountainous river valleys in BC or the Sierra Nevada. The key locations are drawn at 2x the map resolution then placed overtop in-game as hotspots the player can click on.

Here's a corner of the map where there's nothing to do (but I got ridiculously detail with the drawing anyway). Took this shot to show off the border, for which I believe I used the Book of Kells for reference.