Art & Design Work

If you have any inquiries, feel free to drop me an email at


  • “Clockwork Empires” by Gaslamp Games, released v1.0 in 2016
    • art director, game design, gameplay programming, writing, marketing


  • “Starsector” by Fractal Softworks, released 2013 (in development)
    • principal artist, content creation, writing, game design
  • “Procyon” by Deadly Red Cube, released 2014
    • promotional art, concept art
  • “Rainbow Hero” by Pixel Elephant, released 2015
    • illustrations, 2D character & environment art

(And many more small projects, at quite some length.)


Digital Art, particularly using Photoshop:

  • digital painting & illustration
  • texturing for 3D assets and terrain
  • pixel art (tiles, animation)
  • UI art, UI icons
  • 2D animations & effects


  • art direction, both 2D & 3D
  • project management
  • remote contractor wrangling
  • while at Gaslamp Games I managed the art team which consisted of up to three employees besides myself in-office as well as a handful of long-distance contractors for various purposes (web development, video production, sound production, other art production). Aside from that, I took on aspects of project management for development of Clockwork Empires.


  • At Gaslamp Games:
    • much of the writing for Dungeons of Dredmor, which is considered to be funny.
    • as well as a good deal of promotion, marketing, and development blog writing for Gaslamp Games
    • much of the written content of Clockwork Empires
  • For Fractal Softworks I’ve been doing content writing for Starsector.

Coding & Scripting

  • C#
    • Unity
  •  Lua
    • Love2d, contains SDL and OpenGL libraries for Lua
  • Python
    • Pygame, an SDL library for Python
    • Pyglet, an OpenGL library for Python
  •  Web
    • HTML
    • CSS
  • and I’ve worked a bit with C, Java, JSON, XML, and in SDL & OpenGL


Alberta College of Art & Design; Calgary, Alberta | 2003-2007

  • Majored in Media Arts and Digital Technology and graduated “with distinction” based on GPA


  • Took part in the ASTECs (Art, Science & Technology) program, a collaboration between Alberta College of Art & Design’s Media Arts and Digital Technology program and the University of Calgary’s Human/Computer Interactions Lab; created Cosmosis in collaboration with Andrew Seniuk, a CS major from the U of C
  • Spoke at the “Common Borders: Negotiating Art & Science” symposium hosted at the Alberta College of Art & Design with Alan Dunning
  • Drew the Artscum comic for the student-run paper

Awards & Grants:

West Valley Community College; Saratoga, California  | 2001-2003

  • Studies focused on liberal arts